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Growing in Galoshes

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

IT WAS FALL 2013 When my Mother became ill and I stopped taking any additional Appointments for Floral Demonstrations and Speaking. And though much of 2014 was spent fulfilling the arrangements made prior, it wasn't long before i felt i had plugged back into what I was created for, the  love of Family, Home & Garden. No doubt there is always growth in anything we do and any choice we make. And If we were honest, most of us would agree a great deal of our growth has been surviving mistakes or working through difficult times. But for the last 4 years the majority of the growth in me and this place i Love, has been in Galoshes. Home or close to Home, digging in the dirt, attic, garage, shed, closets and carriage house, sorting organizing, creating and using what I already had or easily acquired, and  sharing with you, has all been done in Galoshes. I have laughed I have cried, created, dreamed, loved, lived, hurt, accomplished, stumbled and achieved all in this place and all in Galoshes. 

SO THERE 23 year old self in high heels, padded shoulder business suits, and 80's hair who thought she needed to be in NY working her self to a frazzle trying to become what she thought she needed to become for herself and everyone else! 

I am right where i was created to be, here, in this wonderful place and YES in GALOSHES☺️

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Nice poost

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