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HENINGTON HOUSE: Grateful, Thankful and Believing From Here

FOR YEARS i DREAMED ABOUT AND FOR THIS HOME. First from the car window as i drove around and around the block trying to catch a view of every aspect of the Henington House and her property from every different angle offered by this corner lot. Next was from sitting on her steps with my 10 month old Son as we ate our Lunch after Church on Sundays peeking where we could through her aged chenille curtains and believing that one day we would call her home. Shortly after my Husband was able to join us in Hattiesburg, we began to visit with, and know Madie Henington Johnson and she allowed  us to dream from inside the walls of her cherished childhood home the Henington House telling us of her history and stories that we hold close to our hearts still today. But it has been since January 1989 when we purchased the home that i have dreamed from sitting on the curb across the street in the old  Walthall school yard. Many evenings, with a cup a coffee or glass of wine i could be found sitting on that curb Dreaming and BELIEVING that one day this home we had been blessed with, would be returned to her original beauty.

Well, though we have quite a ways to go, we have come a long way and many of those evenings visualizing her complete, have become a reality. So in celebration of what has been accomplished and the visions and dreams that are believed to become, i have upgraded from the curb to a park bench where I can be Thankful, Grateful and continue to BELIEVE for the future!


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