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Creating a Dream Board

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

THIS IS NOT OUR GREENHOUSE or even our photo, it is an Instagram Photo that is now on Pinterest. But it is MINE IN MY MIND, and the  fact that it is salvaged materials that have been reused and nestled in to someone's, (obviously a gardenlover's) little sanctuary they call home, makes it something I have decided is obtainable. So i am visualizing it as a reality for us, the Henington House and those who come to visit. I've never been able to come up with ideas out of thin air, but like most, (wether you realize it or not) i can zero in on, or get creative with, those things that make my heart sing. 

SO wether you are currently dreaming for something or not, I encourage you to create a Dream Board in a note book, on a cork board, Pinterest or in your mind and begin to Believe and Visualize Wonderful and Beautiful things as if they may just be surprised at how quickly they become a reality.....

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