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A Daily Dose of Gratitude

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

WITH NOW 2 WEDDINGS to enter into the "Strange Family Calendar of Events" for 2018, (one Wedding here at the house in March and a Rehearsal Dinner down the road), i am spending this morning taking a big ole deep breath. 

JOY JOY JOY is what i'm feeling, but i'm also very well aware of how quickly feelings of excitement and joy can be robbed only to be replaced with "OVERWHELMED!!" 

SO i will take one day at a time. Nothing more and nothing less, for i have been promised He will equip me for TODAY. And within each day i will attempt at all costs to stay aware of all the Beauty & Blessings that surround us. Thoughtful gifts from friends, kind notes, laughter, the beauty of the garden, a piece of furniture that reminds me of the Love of Parents and Grandparents, the food set before us, the shelter over our head, protection and His Love. And though there will be moments of chaos and crazy, remembering these things with Appreciation and Gratitude can override and overcome, being overwhelmed. 

Therefore, TODAY and EVERDAY may i remember to take my daily dose of GRATITUDE, Rejoicing Always, Praying without ceasing and being Thankful in all Circumstances. 

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