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A Beautiful Visual of the many Fall & Holiday Celebrations Ahead!

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

WHAT MAY APPEAR TO OTHERS AS CHAOS IS A DELIGHTFUL SIGHT TO ME! So Much has been planned and being planned for Fall and Holiday 2018 here at the Henington House and this shot of the back room represents so many of those plans and dreams that it makes my heart leap with JOY!!

Pumpkins and Gourds standing at attention waiting for instruction on the many ways they will be used for the "Ladies Fall Day", champagne flutes, platters and bowls preped for celebrations and "Weekly Book Studies and Fellowship", dried hydrangeas and foliage collected for a "Thanksgiving Centerpiece WorkShop" and stacks and stacks of vintage tea cups/saucers accompanying vintage tea pots for a "Victorian Christmas Tea". Nope, if this is Chaos i'll take it because to me it represents not a mess but a masterpiece of LOVE, LAUGHTER and LIFE accomplished simply by gathering in a home, any home. Next time try it in yours. Not only is it a gift to your guests but to yourself as well.

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