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Do you have a word for the year?

A word for the year? Sometime ago when asked, I was quite surprised! I’d not ever heard of a “word for the year” ( though unknown to me at the time there have been many books written on the topic). However, over many years, beginning usually in late Summer or Fall, there would often be a reoccurring word or phrase, that would enter my thoughts surfacing again and again when in prayer, dreaming and/or quiet time. Was this my word for the year? I didn’t know, but I began to take it seriously and accepted it gladly as a direction. It wasn’t long before I realized there was an undeniable connection between the word/phrase and what I needed to focus on for the year. One year it was “intention”, another,“Hear”, many years ago the phrase “Alone with Me”. For 2020 it was “Health!” (Imagine my shock when that year unfolded!!) But for 2021 it was both the phrase “Stay in your Lane” and the word “Move!” Who could have guessed how many dreams and hopes would and could have been fulfilled in this last year? Most of them I had tucked away in my heart for decades!!! I truly believe, that if I had not focused and acted on the word and phrase that repeatedly surfaced for 2021 much of what became a reality would still be a dream.

❤️ Catherine

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