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ANOTHER Thoughtful & Kind Neighbor!

ONCE AGAIN we have been BLESSED by the thoughtfulness and kindness of a Neighbor taking her talent of embroidery and gifting us this Beautiful Cloth with the Henington House Logo!! How this brings us JOY in so many ways!!

It brings us JOY because we LOVE it and what it represents for our home and family! It brings us JOY because it is a gift from a new friend and neighbor that we are so glad is here. And it brings us JOY because once again we are reminded of what an unbelievably kind and thoughtful community we live in!!!!

I’m sure many of you find yourself wondering as I do how we landed in such a wonderful place surrounded by such wonderful people, and ponder how many kind and thoughtful people could end up in one place? Well this is what I’ve decided.....I believe it is due to some Neighbor long long ago being kind to another, who inturn was kind to another, who paid it forward and was kind to another. I believe that many times over the 130 years of this neighborhood if anyone lived here who was hurt, angry or unkind, that someone’s smile, patience and kind gestures eventually won them over and softened their heart. I believe that the kindness of one multiplied into 100s and then created a community of 1000s and I believe this is your neighborhood as well as mine. BUT.... if it is not.... it can be....

AND It starts with one.

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