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A Home to Come Home to

HENINGTON HOUSE FAMILY: When Randall and I fell in love with the Henington House, we were in our late 20s, had 1 baby and very little furniture. However, there was Hope, Dreams and a Fearlessness BELIEVING we were to be and stay here that consistently strengthened our thoughts for the future of what this 1905, 4,000 square foot home, (that had stayed vacant for 10 years), had to offer. You see there has always been something in me that felt it was important to have a place to come home to, and though young, I felt strongly in my spirit, before we even made an offer on HH, that we were to be and STAY here.

My parents and siblings had moved out of the San Francisco East Bay Area home I grew up in when I went to College. So that home was gone. Then after my Family moved to Hawaii, Texas and then followed us to Hattiesburg where they also renovated a home in this Neighborhood. They lived there for years, and wonderful memories were made. Now it’s been many years since that home has been sold. Both Randall’s and my Brothers and Sisters have all lived in and moved to many different states but we’ve stayed here.....

Off and on over these 30 years wondering if passing up Randall’s opportunities in other locations was a mistake, the fear of barely being able to make ends meet and the overwhelming “swallowed up” feelings of ALL THERE WAS TO DO that so often visited us while staying in and holding on to this home, were quickly squashed by the JOY and Spirit Filled dreams we had when BELIEVING this was a special place to COME HOME TO. So, once again here I sit in AWE of ALL God has done and is doing in the special place, basking in the reality that He has truly made it a nest for many, even if just passing through, (with Goats or Bees) to COME HOME TO🥰

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