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It is based on the 2007 short film Flight 7500, written and directed by Shimizu. The film premiered in competition at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival on January 21, 2014. It received a wide theatrical release on October 13, 2014. Plot In the aftermath of a car crash that kills a teenager, an airline pilot finds himself trapped in his burning plane with a flight attendant. The airliner crashes after a passenger appears to have levitated out of his seat and walked off the plane through the open emergency exit. In an airport, an air marshal of the FAA named Paul Van Slyke (Jerry Ferrara) watches a family board a flight 7500, en route to San Francisco from London. Before they board, Paul expresses to Amanda Johnson (Leslie Bibb), the flight attendant for the flight, that he wants to treat her children to a surprise birthday party. The family are then introduced to one another. The family are also introduced to the flight attendant, Amanda. She begins to explain the specifics of the flight, but she begins to miss her connection and exit the airport. The family are then told to board the plane and they board the plane. The plane takes off and the pilot goes over the plane's systems, and assures everyone that everything is working correctly. The children show excitement of the flight and Paul shows them a DVD with a recent movie he found in the airplane's in-flight entertainment (IFE) system. Paul then goes to use the restroom, and the children go to the back to watch the movie. During the flight, several people get sick. One woman faints. One man vomits and three others get sick. One of the children uses the restroom, and the mother notices that there is a stain on the toilet seat. She tells her husband, who picks up the toilet seat and notices that it is warm. He asks to see what is on the seat and sees a bloody handprint, which he takes to be a handprint of his child, a boy. The father tells the mother to take their son to the bathroom. He brings the boy back to the seat and the boy does not complain about anything. The mother then tells her husband that the boy is fine. Later, the boy has trouble sleeping and he is anxious. The mother takes him to the restroom, where he receives a mysterious injection in the neck. He falls to the floor and becomes immobile. The mother tells her husband that the boy has taken an injection and he




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