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Meet Bob the Bunny... the FAMOUS Bob the Bunny

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

THIS IS BOB THE BUNNY, Bob the Bunny use to live here at the Henington House and oh what a handsome and popular fellow he was. A favorite of Family and Friends, Bob quickly captured the attention of Bonnie the Chicken shortly after he arrived here to serve not only as Pet but supplier of the best garden fertilizer EVER!! Well when Bonnie the Chicken returned to her beloved Texas Farm there was no seperating them, SO along with Chicken Bonnie went Bunny Bob to 5 acre "Black Hawk Ranch", A Sweet Farm owned by my Sister Mary Jo and her Family. "How will he do?" I wondered "He loved us and this place so"......well As this photo portrays after 2 years, Bob is doing just fine as he has made MANY new friends holding court with goats and the other farm animals as this "boutique bunny" runs free range amongest "HIS" Black Hawk Ranch. What a vivid reminder it is to me that though we often believe with all of our heart that "WE" know what's best for ourselves along with everyone else, we are often wrong....and ya know what? I'm ok with that. Because the bottom line is to truely want what's best for each and every one of us whatever that might be! You Go BOB Go!!

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